With over 10 million online streams, 4 DJ Championship awards and the support of superstars like Major Lazer, Hardwell and Skrillex, DJ BrainDeaD has quickly become one of Israel’s hottest DJs. 

Diplo branded his remix of Charly Black’s diamond single, “Party Animal”, one of the best songs of 2016. 

Chen Tochner aka DJ BrainDeaD was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. His break on the music scene came in 2001 as a spotlighted turntablist in Israel’s underground clubs.

His stardom grew in 2004, when his remix to “Ha-Sod (The Secret)” went viral, making him the most sought-after producer in the country. 

With an unrivaled turntable technique and his unique sound, which is a fusion of tropical elements with electronic dance music, Dj BrainDeaD attracted the attention of international stars Wyclef and Costi as well as major brands like Pioneer, for which he is Israel’s brand ambassador.

Dj BrainDeaD recently completed filming of X-Factor Israel, where he was a featured Producer and is now preparing for the release of his next single on June 2018.

Singles & Remixes:

  • The Kemist & Dj BrainDeaD Feat. Nyanda – “Mayhem” [Tropic Electric]: Released March 2018
  • Dj BrainDeaD – “Rewind”: Released February 2018
  • Tyler Shaw – “Cautious (Dj BrainDeaD Remix)” [Sony Canada]: Released Mar 2018
  • The Kemist – “Rumors (Dj BrainDeaD Remix)” [Tropic Electric]: Released Sep 2017
  • Charly Black – “Party Animal (Dj BrainDeaD Remix)” [After Cluv / Universal]: Released Feb 2017
  • DJ BrainDeaD & The Kemist – “Incredible [Mad Decent / Good Enuff]: Released Oct 2016
  • Henry Fong – “Drop It Down Low” (Dj BrainDeaD Remix) [Dim Mak]: Released Aug 2016
  • Flaco Flow & Melania – “El Tiki” (Dj BrainDeaD Remix) [Kontor Records]: Released Jul 2016
  • DJ BrainDead, Ido B, Zooki – “Puffin Marleys